In 2018:  Zygma completed 25 years of continuous independent operations;   Drafted and edited Kantara's NIST SP 800-63 rev.3 IAL2/AAL2 Service Assessment Criteria; Managed on behalf of a client the first SP 800-63 rev.3 service assessment - the service was the first to receive Kantara's "NIST 800-63 rev.3" Approval;   Performed three Kantara Service Assessments, each resulting in a Grant of Approval;   Transitioned to operating as an S-Corporation.      
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Zygma was founded in 1993 in the UK by its CEO, Richard G. WILSHER.

In 2003 Zygma began operations in the United States and was formally registered in the State of California in 2005, as the Zygma partnership LLC.

Zygma quickly became established as a business specialising in the develoment of Trust (Assurance) Frameworks, Certification and Accreditation schema and identity management processes and standards, in addition to delivering its information security management consultancy services.

The name 'Zygma' and our logo are a play on the name of the Greek character 'Σ' (Sigma), which is used as a mathematical symbol to indicate 'the sum of'.  Zygma operates under an ethos of working alongside its clients, more with you than simply for you, thereby delivering to you information security which is greater than the sum of our parts.  Hence the deeper meaning of the name.

In 2018, Zygma's 25th year of independent operations, the business transitioned to being an S-Corporation registered in California. Zygma Inc. continues the ethos and service provision culture of its previous instantiations with virtually no external changes but the name and registration details.

You can find details of Zygma's registration and other company information by following this link.

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Zygma's primary purpose is to deliver a range of information security and identity management audit and consultancy services specifically responsive to its clients' needs. While easily said, that goal is backed-up by the testimonies of our clients and partners.

Zygma's tailored consultancy services include ISO/IEC 27001, assurance frameworks (e.g. Kantara's Identity Assurance Framework, tScheme), PKI deployment and other information security domains.

We can perform a range of audits, including PKI, Kantara and SAFE-BioPharma assessments, 'Red Team' reviews, ISMS (ISO 27001) and others, including readiness and pre-assessments.

In addition, we offer Certified ISO 27001 Foundation, Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor Training which, within the confines of the course's certifications, can be tailored to client needs.

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Our consultants are recognized leaders in the fields of information security practices and audit.  They have an array of qualifications that deliver high-quality services in a personalized style. See here for more information regarding our principal consultants and their qualifications.

Our consultants are not only knowledgeable on security frameworks and standards, they are also significant contributors to their development, which means that they know them in depth and can therefore efficiently deploy services or perform audits based around them.  For more detail see security frameworks we serve.

Our Company also has a well-established network of Partners and associates which whom we work to ensure the best services for our clients.

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Zygma is based in Huntington Beach, southern California.  Our office is readily accessible by air and road, although we will willingly travel to our clients' locations.

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Viewing a website can only convey so much about how we can help you and your business. We encourage you to contact us so we can show you the Zygma Difference.

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All Zygma services are provided in accordance with its Ethics Policy.
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